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Madrid 2017
Laughter Yoga
LinkCuando ríes, cambias, y transformas todo tu entorno
Madrid 28/30 Abril -2017


You are cordially invited to attend this exciting and surprising experience organized for the first time in Spain!

Laughter Yoga is celebrating its 20th anniversary in more than 72 countries!

Join us to uncover the wellness and joy that Laughter brings!




From March till 20th to 22nd , 2015

Special deals for early bird registration!


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Meet the experts of Laughter

During this event, we will have the opportunity to meet leaders, Professors, and Master Trainers from all over Spain, Europe and overseas, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, India, Lebanon and some other countries.

All coming to happily offer, contribute and share their personal experience in order to make the Laughter Yoga expand and spread wider all over the Iberian peninsula, Europe, the Spanish speaking countries and the rest of the world

Laughter Yoga Workshops

To learn more about Laughter Yoga, let’s meet the event organizer, the Master Trainer of Spain, who is going to elucidate to what its worldwide popularity is due.

Special offers are available during and after the congress.

Special discount on Workshops and entertainment to celebrate the 1st congress in Spain





Event venue


We will all meet in the Centro de Congresos Fray Luis de León, and we will make use of its facilities including the hostel, located in the city of Guadarrama- Madrid




Special Price Throughout January

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Very Good Very Good Yeahh


Since learning Laughter Yoga changed my life completely , now when something happens that is not to my liking first thing I do is laugh and from there because I face anything from joy and helps me to live life enjoying being alive. Thanks Dr. Kataria .

After having lived experiences of living happily without joy, with the help of Laughter Yoga Now I can live from the constant joy.
Thanks , Thanks, Thanks

Attending to the Certificate course as Leader in Laughter Yoga has been " a wonderful experience " and has meant a return trip connecting with inner joy that has since returned to flow more naturally and spontaneously . All my thanks to Javier Ruiz for his dedication and guidance on this trip and shared laughter. A course highly recommended both for those who want to use a personal and transformative to know how to infect others with your joy ... I summarize in one sentence level : " Very Good , Very Good , Yeah .... HA HA JA ... " And  thank you , thank you ... Lydia , from London


Reasons for the Congress




Se han detectado ingerencias de personas que ofrecen Certificaciones como Líderes o Monitores en Yoga de la Risa sin tener capacitación de la Universidad Internacional de Yoga de la Risa.

Por ello si les ofrecen alguna de estas opciones, seguro que los estan estafando:

  • Certificación por internet con manual y Certificado // Todas las Certificaciones son presenciales
  • Certificación en una tarde o en un día con manual y Certificado // Son dos días seguidos de Capacitación
  • Certificación a cambio de la voluntad o aportación consciente // La certificación en Europa es por 250€

Para cualquier duda, póngase en contacto con  nosotros y le indicaremos si se trata de un Profesional Habilitado

Les pedimos disculpas por estos inconvenientes, pero en la sociedad actual ya se sabe que hay personas que han perdido el respeto a las normas que regulan el fluir sostenible con coherencia.


Les agradecemos su colaboración, por la imagen clara y limpia del Yoga de la Risa

Master Trainer Javier Ruiz Gómez



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